Things here make $ense.
EVERY day at WHO kNEW? Consignment...

  • Namebrand clothes at one third the cost of new
  • High quality AND highly organized selection
  • Inventory moves to the 4000 sq. ft. floor daily  (translation: room to move AND more choices!)
  • Fully computerized
  • Gift certificates
  • Cool play area
  • Wishlist for baby gear
  • Clothing and gear stays out of landfills as savvy customers choose to reuse by shopping resale
WHO kNEW? Consignment was established in 2007, and continues to draw on the support of local community members as well as many, many families that call southwest Michigan their second home--people that travel from Chicagoland, Indianapolis and northern Indiana, and beyond.

Built on the belief that resale is good....

...good for one's personal economy--sell and make money, shop and save money.
...good for the local economy--money in customer pockets goes 'round.
..good for the environment--used clothes to new closets and drawers instead of landfills.

...WHO kNEW Consignment strives to provide a resale experience with uncluttered boutique flair...good for your
style and your senses.  

                                                                                                  Visit and see how Things here make $ense.